Ladies’ Tennis

Ladies’ Gate City Tennis League

The Ladies’ Gate City Tennis League provides tennis competition to ladies among the tennis clubs in the Gate City area. The objective of the League is to maintain an environment that is competitive yet, safe and respectful, for the women playing tennis. There are four divisions of play – I, II, III, IV – based on skill level. Each club is invited to field as many teams as it would like in each division, provided there is court availability. A minimum roster must include 10 committed players for Divisions I, II and III, and a minimum roster of 6 players for Division IV.

Ladies’ Gate City matches will begin the first week in April. Practices will begin the last week in March. If anyone would like to play Gate City and is not currently on a team,  please contact Ricky or Michael or call the Pro Shop @336-292-2993. There is no charge to the player to participate.

Captains for the 2019 season are:

Division I (3.5-4.0 players): Julie Fresina and Bonnie Hensel

Division II (3.0-3.5 players): Jessica Huellmantel

Division III (3.0-3-5 players): Janet Kershaw

Division IV (2.0-3.0 players): Liz Stroupe

Ladies’ Night