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A member must accompany a guest unless other arrangements have been made with the tennis director or pool manager. Adult members are required to purchase pool guest passes for in-town guests. Out-of-town guests are admitted without cost, but must be registered by the adult member. Nanny passes may be obtained at no cost to the member by registering the individual with the club manager who will issue a Nanny Pass. Grandparents as well as Caregivers are at no charge to the member. Please register at the front desk.

Members have requested that a limit be put on the number of times a person may use the facility as a guest. They feel that their recreation time at the club is an important part of their lives and they have paid for club privileges and should reap the benefits. Guests are welcome at Hamilton; however, some have taken advantage of the guest policy and are using the facility more than some of the members who pay yearly dues. Therefore the Board of Directors decided that in-town guests may not use the facility more than two times each month. This applies at both the pool and tennis courts.

All guests must register at the appropriate clubhouse. Pool and Tennis guest passes may be purchased for $5.00 per pass. Only an adult member may purchase guest passes. This is to insure that the parent is aware of whom their child is bringing to the club. Your cooperation is appreciated.