Hamilton Lakes Cafe

Expect some good eating at Hamilton under the management of Tommy and Gary! They partner to bring back many of your favorites from years past, including Friday Family Float Night Meals, Bouton’s famous chicken-on-a stick, Island Oasis smoothies etc. Families look forward to Friday evenings. Tommy and Gary offer a “dinner special” every Friday so that you may enjoy a night away from the kitchen and relax with dinner pool-side.

Also, there is a computer system in place which will allow your family to set up an account at the Cafe. You pay up front the amount you want on your credit line and are done with keeping up with coins and cards. If you prefer the old way, cash is always good. Credit and debit cards are honored and gift cards may be purchased allowing you freedom from carrying cash.

The Café is a full service grill inspected by the Health Department. Plan to take advantage of its many offerings.

Any menu suggestions or ideas for the grill are welcome – contact Tommy Starnes at tstarnes@triad.rr.com

2015 Cafe Menu (PDF)

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