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Hamilton Lakes Club Merchandise

Hamilton Lakes Swim and Tennis Club is happy to announce the release of club authorized apparel and merchandise. Hamilton Lakes is a great place for friends and family and has been supporting these relationships for years. Now you can share your support with others with magnets, caps, shirts, and more. Check out your options below, and then place your order for quality products available year-round.

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Embroidered Shirt

Material – Dry Wick

The Men’s Tennis shirts are also available to order but these will be made once we have an order of 1 doz., this is to keep the price down as we are ordering these from an outside supplier as needed. We will keep you updated as to the progress of the ordering and the date that the order will be filled.


Hornets Logo Hat

The hornet caps are available for individual order. There will be a one week turnaround to fill the order.